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PinkPantheress says she’s “so excited” to hit the road with Olivia Rodrigo, championing the “Vampire” singer for helping to pave the way for young artists like herself. But while PinkPantheress was announced as an opening act for Rodrigo’s “GUTS World Tour” to much fanfare, the British singer and producer admits she was hesitant at first to sign on for the gig.



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“Obviously Olivia is way bigger than me, so at first, I was quite nervous to say yes,” she confesses. “But then I was like, ‘I feel like I need to do this.’ And then she texted me to say, ‘Thank you so much for saying yes! I can’t wait!’ and that has gotten me so excited.”

PinkPantheress says she first met Rodrigo over dinner in London in 2021 and the two immediately hit it off. “We’re both quite similar ages and so it was quite nice to meet someone in front of me who was my age and had the same type of interests and sense of humor,” PinkPantheress recalls. “We’ve had different experiences in the music industry, but she can still empathize with a lot of what I might be going through as a young person navigating the industry and everything.”

Another reason why she’s a fan of Rodrigo’s: “I recognize her as somebody that takes a break,” PinkPantheress says. “There are some people in the industry that like to be constantly surrounded by the limelight, but I feel like she’s one person that takes her time, and will take time out and really take a step back when she needs to, which is similar to me.”

PinkPantheress spoke to Billboard in New York last week before a performance to promote Bose’s new line of QuietComfort Ultra headphones and wireless earbuds. The “Boy’s a Liar” singer says she’s been a fan of Bose for years and so it was a no-brainer to partner with the company to help launch their new releases.

“I’m a producer, so even in the early days in the studio or at school, I remember using Bose products and I never even really questioned them as a brand,” she says. “There are certain brands that have been around for so long that they’re kind of like the standard, and we don’t even question where they came from because we’ve just always had it there. That’s how I feel about Bose.”

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