Your EDM Premiere: Manchester EDM Group LZ7 Release Anthem, "Same Line"

Your EDM Premiere: Manchester EDM Group LZ7 Release Anthem, “Same Line”


The Manchester-based EDM group LZ7 has returned with their latest single “Same Line” Ft. M∆CKEN, after the success of their 2022 single “Last Night.” LZ7’s upcoming project, Human EP Vol. 1, is expected to be released later this year. For “Same Line,” LZ7 collaborated with M∆CKEN, a US artist known for his hit single “Top Of The World” with Afrojack, featured on Swedish House Mafia’s final LP. LZ7’s “Last Night” peaked in the Top 10 on Upfront Club Charts, thanks to remixes from DJ/producers Try Harder and Rawdolff. “Same Line” is a preview of LZ7’s upcoming project, showcasing their signature sound that aims to bypass the intellect and speak straight to the soul with their infectious melodies and back-to-back anthems.

LZ7 leader Lindz West shared his enthusiasm for “Same Line,” calling it one of his favorites from the new project and a UK/US EDM floor filler that inspires hope, positivity, love, and good times. M∆CKEN expressed that “Same Line” represents the idea that everyone is on the same journey together, no matter their situation, race, or country, and that there is hope to be found even in difficult battles with mental and physical illnesses.

LZ7’s music is rooted in their own experiences, giving listeners a deeper understanding of who they are and where they come from. Their live performances are known for their infectious energy and back-to-back anthems, and they have already started performing at festivals and schools across the UK as the world slowly opens up. Fans can expect to see the video release of “Same Line” on LZ7’s social media as they tour throughout the year, leading up to the release of their new 4-part album, HUMAN, with Vol. 1 dropping on May 26th.


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