Tako Tomago Releases Mesmerizing Wave Single, "Eviscerate"

Tako Tomago Releases Mesmerizing Wave Single, “Eviscerate”


Tako Tomago is an artist in his own lane, known for fusing R&B-infused vocals, evocative basslines, and rich Trap production. Tako solidified his position as both a performer and a DJ within the rapidly growing Wave scene through debut performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, in support of his album “Jonathan” released in 2022. The support he received from renowned entities like Insomniac, Brownies & Lemonade, and Beatport, showcases the enthusiasm surrounding Tako’s emergence as a trailblazer in the electronic/dance music world, specifically within the Wave genre.

Now, he’s back with a mesmerizing single titled “Eviscerate“. The darker ambiance and ambient piano chords are reminiscent of The Weeknd, creating a captivating atmosphere. However, this tranquility is abruptly interrupted by a thundering drop, filled with pitched down vocals, swirling synths, and crisp drums. It’s an intoxicating journey that never loses its luster.

A lot of effort when I’m writing music goes into making something that will translate at the club just as well as it does listening in headphones at home. In pursuit of that balance, there are beautiful musical dualities discovered. In the case of “Eviscerate”, vulnerable and intimate vocals pave the way for a confident and powerful drop that showcases the hard-hitting Wave sound I’ve come to love. The ability to combine emotions and feels, ultimately leaving the listener feeling connected and inspired, is something that draws me back to the studio again and again.” – Tako Tomago

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