Lil Nas X Confused During Preview of ‘Eric Andre Show’ Season 6 – Billboard

Lil Nas X Confused During Preview of ‘Eric Andre Show’ Season 6 – Billboard


By now you should know what you’re getting into if your agent greenlights an appearance on The Eric André Show. The Adult Swim series is gearing up for its sixth season and in a preview that dropped on Monday (May 22) Lil Nas X is the gonzo comedian’s latest victim.

André — who delights in making his guests squirm as much as possible by filling the studio with carny sideshow-like characters, unpredictable, viscous liquids and all manner of shocking and upsetting surprises — does his best to throw Lil Nas off his game in a two-minute preview of the new season that launches on June 4.

The clip opens with the rapper taking the stage in one of his signature fashion-forward outfits, a black and white spacesuit with clunky boots that gives him a futuristic vibe. After the house band plays him on, André makes his way to the host’s desk and compliments Lil Nas, saying, “you look like you’re gonna f—in’ motorcycle through a Tron remake.”

Thinking he might pull one over on the stand-up comedian and star of Bad Trip, Nas X wonders, “hey, do you believe in the illuminati?” But, before André can even answer in the affirmative, a monster below his desk screeches and tries to push its way through the wood paneling in a horrifying manner.

Like so many things on the show, it is never explained or even acknowledged, leading to a shocked look on Lil Nas’ face. “What the f–k is going on in here?” the host wonders, quipping that he’s returning whatever is living at his feet to the store. “Okay,” Lil Nas says nervously while looking around as the hiss of vapor fills the air, with a microphone spraying an unknown mist into André’s face.

As Eric seems increasingly narcotized, Nas covers his mouth in worry while André appears to be drugged, slurring, “when you got videos when you got in trouble?” Trying to salvage things, Lil Nas sweetly asks, “what?” as André continues to ramble incoherently. “What the f–k is wrong with you?” the rapper laughs nervously as co-host Felipe punches his way through the set a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Not to worry, as usual, Montero will have plenty of company in André’s bizarroland, with other guests this season slated to include Diplo, Jon Hamm, Natasha Lyonne, Blac Chyna, Rico Nasty, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, Cypress Hill and more.

Watch Lil Nas in the preview below.


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