Baby Tate & Saweetie Talk ‘Hey, Mickey!’ Remix, Female Rap & More – Billboard

Baby Tate & Saweetie Talk ‘Hey, Mickey!’ Remix, Female Rap & More – Billboard


The cool girls of rap came together for the ultimate collaboration last month, as Saweetie hopped on a remix of Baby Tate‘s 2016 viral hit, “Hey, Mickey!,” and the duo sat down with Billboard‘s Rania Aniftos to share how it all came together.


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“When it came to thinking about who I would want on it, I knew it had to be somebody to match the cuteness and the energy of the song,” Tate explains, pointing out that Saweetie clearly embodies “cuteness,” as she was rocking a bikini top decorated in Hello Kitty trinkets.

Saweetie agreed that the collab was a perfect match. “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with her, so I was excited when I got the call,” she says.

Baby Tate also noted that it was quite the “surprise” when a song from 2016 blew up on TikTok in recent months. “I did just drop a project in September of last year so when something started blowing up on TikTok, I’m thinking, ‘Oh something from Mani Pedi is going crazy.’ No, it was ‘Hey Mickey.’ Like, what?”

Both rappers are working on new releases, with Tate gearing up to release a full album in the summer. “I’m going to be singing a lot on this project, as I was on my last, but it’s not going to be in an R&B space. It’s going to be more pop-leaning. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be wild, edgy and just sexy and hot,” she shares, with Saweetie noting that she “needs” that energy right now.

Saweetie, meanwhile, has fans itching for her long-awaited album. “With an album, you’re introducing yourself into the world,” she says. “Who is Saweetie? Who is Diamonté? They think it’s just, ‘Rich n—-, eight-figure, that’s my type.’ That’s a portion of me. That’s not the whole soup. There’s other ingredients. I’m figuring out, how do I landscape this album so that people are able to get to know me?”

Watch Billboard‘s full interview with Saweetie and Baby Tate above, and check out the new “Hey, Mickey!” music video below.


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