‘The Voice’ Contestants Sent Into Battle With Cyndi Lauper Classic – Billboard


Cyndi Lauper reminded us “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” They also want to win, especially when they’ve reached the Battles round of NBC’s The Voice.

Team Niall singers Kate Cosentino, the 23-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Tiana Goss, the 29-year-old from Los Angeles, stepped onto the stage and into the bright lights for a stripped down cover of Lauper’s enduring ‘80s classic, with some shimmies for good measure.



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“That was a really cool arrangement of that song,” Chance the Rapper remarked. “I felt the lyrics for the first time.” He thought it was “awesome,” and the singers “smashed the choreography.” If he had to choose who would go on to become a star, well, he wouldn’t want to choose. Based off this Battle, he remarked, Cosentino had the edge.

Kelly Clarkson concurred. “I think it’s a level playing field.” Blake Shelton said Goss had the magic dust, at least on this occasion.

Horan, as the team boss, isn’t allowed to sit on the fence. He went with Cosentino.

In the spirit of the song, these girls both get to have fun. Chance used his steal, and welcomed Goss into his team, and back in the game.

Watch below.


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