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Stream It Now – Billboard


It’s time to freak out because Niall Horan released his new single “Meltdown” on Friday (April 28) via Capitol Records.

On it, the Irish pop star sings, “Talkin’ to yourself in the bathroom/ Losin’ your mind in the mirror like you have to/ Screamin’ in your car in the driveway/ Spinnin’ out think your life’s going sideways.”

The track arrives as a follow-up to the previously-released “Heaven” as the second offering from the singer’s forthcoming third solo album The Show, which is expected to hit streaming services and digital and physical retailers in full on June 9.

In a social media post announcing the single and showing off its cover art filled with shadows and neutral tones, Horan described “Meltdown” as “basically about feeling anxious and being in that kind of freaking out moment but knowing deep down that everything will be alright.”

At the time, swarms of the former One Direction-er’s fans declared their appreciation for Horan choosing to address the feeling anxiety in his music. “Felt. seen. and ready to hear it,” one follower wrote, with another adding in all caps, “THIS IS GONNA BE MY COMFORT SONG I CAN TELL.” Lots of others immediately related to the song’s promised themes, commenting things like, “So basically me every day?” and “Okay so me 24/7????”

Currently, Horan is also deep into competing on his freshman season of The Voice against fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and fellow newbie Chance The Rapper. Finishing the Season 23 Knockouts, Team Niall has been whittled down to just four hopefuls: Gina Miles, Ross Clayton, Michael B. and Tasha Jessen, whom he stole from Team Blake ahead of the Playoffs.

Stream Horan’s “Meltdown” below.


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