Skrillex might be dropping a 3rd album this year


Skrillex has been traveling a bunch since the release of his two albums earlier this year. This past week he’s found himself in Brasil, and on Friday performed a free pop up show with Amsterdam-born Punjabi DJ Jyoty Singh.

At one point in the show, Jyoty hops on the mic to tell the crowd, “We’ve been here working on a new Skrillex album.”

Jyoty later confirmed this on Twitter, saying, “Oh yeah, did I mention that that’s what I’m doing? heheheh.”

Earlier this year, Skrillex released two albums, Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close, each representing their own side of his eclectic production styles.

To potentially get a third album this year, with potentially more Latin roots if they’ve been doing some production in South America, would really just be icing on the cake at this point.

Stay tuned.


Photo via Marilyn Hue


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