James Corden’s Dream Wedding For Couple Who Met on ‘Late Late Show’ – Billboard

James Corden’s Dream Wedding For Couple Who Met on ‘Late Late Show’ – Billboard


James Corden’s final week on The Late Late Show is filled with superstar actors, singers and long-time favorites. But on Tuesday night’s (April 26) show the host took 13 minutes out to pay tribute to a young couple who owe their endless love to a chance meeting on the show in 2015.

In a bit that was rarely repeated, Corden introduced two strangers in “Sidewalk Soulmates,” Daniel and Evelyn, and then invited them onto the show for their first date. “I feel like James possibly knew we had a connection before we even did,” said Evelyn. Flash-forward to March 2020 and the now-engaged couple’s dream wedding plans crashed and burned due to the pandemic. So Corden decided to throw them the nuptials they never had by calling in a few A-list cards for the smiling pair’s third wedding anniversary.

“You never had your big dream wedding reception,” said Corden, who noted that the show had been checking in with the couple for years as their love bloomed. “Why don’t we at The Late Late Show try and throw you a wedding reception in three minutes right here, right now.”

Out came the flowers, a cake and glasses of champagne, and, since their families could not be there, some stand-in best men in the form of the Jonas Brothers. Kevin gushed about how much the Bros have loved the couple… since the moment they met 25 seconds earlier, with Nick adding that Daniel has always been his favorite brother, “mainly because I don’t have to share a dime with you.”

And Joe, well, he praised Daniel for being “hilarious, handsome, loyal… carrying a total catch,” before adding, “but enough about me, tonight’s about Daniel.” The Brothers then raised a toast and Nick reminded them that if they ever break up, they could always reunite for an album and go out on tour. “It worked pretty good for us,” he joked.

After gifting them a round-trip honeymoon to anywhere they want, Corden then sealed the deal by giving the couple the first dance they had planned for their scotched wedding. “We were hoping to dance to Norah Jones,” Evelyn said.

And, yup, you guessed it, out came Jones to perform her 2002 classic, “Come Away With Me” on piano under a giant disco ball as a beaming Corden stood next to the happy couple, who walked to center stage for their proper first dance.

Watch the magic moments below.


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