HYBE’s Son Sung Deuk On New Global Girl Group & Working With BTS – Billboard


HYBE is gearing up to launch a brand new girl group, and Billboard’s Tetris Kelly sat down with the South Korean entertainment company’s Executive Creator Son Sung Deuk about what fans can expect.
While the process of building the girl group is still underway, Son Sung Deuk says that he and his team “really are working and studying hard to create the sound and the content that people around the globe can love. We’ll see what it’ll look like, but we’re working hard to create content that fans around the world will really enjoy.”

He adds that their plans for the upcoming launch is still “very open,” but HYBE is hoping to create content that resonates with today’s music lovers. “No matter what that looks like, I guarantee that our content and artists will exceed all your expectations,” the executive reveals.

One of the biggest groups Son Sung Deuk works with is BTS, who he’s teamed up with since before their debut. “Working with them from before debut to recently was very important to me and an amazing challenge for my career, and the results and the whole experience were incredible,” he shares. “I was always so happy and the work was always fun, and it was an amazing opportunity to be loved by so many people and grow as a person. It was often fun and challenging at the same time, but at the end of the day it was a joy because there was so much that people could love.”

He also gave insight into his favorite of BTS’ many jaw-dropping performances, though he admits that it’s hard to choose as he’s “put everything I have into every one of them.” The executive pointed out the group’s 2021 United Nations performance and 2022 Grammys performance as “really impactful and most memorable for me.”


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