Beauty in the Riot: Rising to Fame on Apple Music and Making Mainstream Playlists

Beauty in the Riot: Rising to Fame on Apple Music and Making Mainstream Playlists


Beauty in the Riot is a Toronto-based artist who is swiftly becoming a household name. Her distinctive blend of jazz, R&B, and pop has won over fans all throughout North America.

In 2022, Beauty in the Riot got off to a great start when her song “Hurry” was featured on the main page and editorial playlist of the American Apple Music service. As a result of this major accomplishment, she is now receiving attention from both music listeners and professionals.

Passionate about composing, Beauty in the Riot offers songs that take a new approach to universal topics like heartbreak, love, and overcoming adversity. Her unusual voice and approach to singing acknowledge her inspirations while forging a unique identity all her own.

After suffering the loss of her father, Haydain Neale, suddenly, Beauty in the Riot has drawn strength from his heritage. She has performed all around North America at venues like Toronto’s The Rivoli and New York’s The Legendary SOBS, where she debuted a brand new song.
Beauty in the Riot is more than just a musician; she also directs and choreographs her performances.

She has directed her own music videos and is committed to increasing the representation of women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
She expressed a desire to “see more ladies out there doing this.” Female directors have a unique point of view, and I hope to see more of us telling our own tales.

As a result of her tenacity and hard work, Beauty in the Riot has broken through to the mainstream with her songs. Her adventure is only getting started, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. She is well on her way to becoming a major star in the music industry because to her innovative style and hard work.

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