ALOK & Solardo Drop Catchy New Single “Over Again”

ALOK & Solardo Drop Catchy New Single “Over Again”


We’ve got a hot new single from Brazilian superstar, ALOK, and UK house legends, Solardo, “Over Again.” A perfect fusion of the two artists’ styles, “Over Again” is sure to have you moving on the dancefloor. “Over Again” is a perfect blend of brooding synths and upbeat kicks, it’s a personal track, but one that’s still very danceable. The premise of the track is simple: we all meet people who are unsuitable, but despite the hard lessons, we’d do it all over again.

“Working with Solardo on ‘Over Again’ has been a great experience.” ALOK says, “I feel we really blended our sounds together nicely and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” Solardo adds, “When ALOK approached us about working together we knew we had an amazing opportunity. He is a huge international artist who has reached millions of people with his music. We wanted this track to have an underground DNA in its beats and bass, and the vocals needed to connect with the masses.”

Check out the latest from ALOK & Solardo “Over Again” out now on B1/Sony. Check out his latest live stream performance for DJ Mag as well.


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