Zack Hersh Releases Mesmeric Single “Voxel”


Merging a high tech aesthetic with an evocative, left field approach to sound design, Zack Hersh is an exciting innovator emerging in the electronic scene today. Since 2015, he has risen up to provide a unique, mind-bending take on experimental production. His music evokes electricity whether it’s in headphones or a loudspeaker, drawing inspiration from avant garde creators like G Jones, Amon Tobin, and Aphex Twin. Hersh has released on Saturate (Malware EP) and MorFlo (Arcadia EP), and offers an exciting new name in the bass community.

Now, he’s back with a mesmerizing single “Voxel” that is utterly compelling from start to finish. Packed with a myriad of euphoric vocal chops backed by emotive chord progressions, this song guarantees to elevate your spirit into the heavens.

Check it out below!


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