The Rise of Canadian producer Hoang and his Impact on the melodic bass scene.


Canada’s music scene has been a hotbed for cutting-edge electronic dance music producers and DJs. Mike Hoang, better known as Hoang, is a Canadian music producer/DJ who has established himself in the global electronic music community. Born and raised in Vancouver, Hoang has been steadily making waves in the music industry, accumulating over 80 million streams and 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in just three years.

While in the sixth grade, Hoang was moved to download FL Studio after hearing some early electronic music. With a unique sound that blends crossover genres, Hoang has signed records with top labels such as Monstercat, Lost in Dreams, and 88RISING. Recently, he and another electronic music giant, ELEPHANTE, embarked on a 15-city tour across the United States, with support from the highly regarded record label 88RISING.

First, Hoang comes up with a simple melody idea, which he then connects with a chord progression on the piano. From there, he experiments with different elements to create his signature sound. Hoang has learned to ignore periods of writer’s block and instead focus on the joy that may be found in the creative process.

Hoang’s dedication to the local community sets him distinct from other electronic dance music performers. He is pleased by the fact that even on bad days, his music can lift listeners up and give them hope. He has amassed a devoted fan base of upbeat, optimistic people who find peace in his music. Hoang’s greatest success to date can be attributed to the influence he has had on his neighborhood.

There are plenty of other Canadian DJs that are building a name for themselves in the electronic dance music industry, not just Hoang. In addition to the aforementioned, Canada is also producing a plethora of other great artists with fresh and original styles and points of view. The Canadian music scene is an excellent breeding ground for fresh talent, and Hoang is one of the many artists at the forefront of this wave.
For anyone looking to get into the music industry, Hoang has some sage advice. He recommends not overthinking things and avoiding regrets. He encourages young artists to have fun and make a positive impact with their art while being open to advice and improvement from peers.

In conclusion, Hoang’s success story is an inspiring one that showcases the vibrancy and potential of the Canadian EDM scene. With a community-first attitude, a unique sound, and an unwavering commitment to his art, Hoang is one of the many talented Canadian DJs making waves in the international music scene.



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