The Future Looks Bright for Ryan Mitchael after Dropping “Jaded’


Ryan Mitchell is a Los Angeles-based multi-talented artist and songwriter who has caught the attention of music fans worldwide with his single “Russian Roulette”. Drawing from diverse musical influences such as
My Chemical Romance, Blackbear, Queen, and Post Malone, he’s aiming to inject passion into pop music. His release “Covergirl” received an impressive 30k+ streams in its first three days on Spotify before being discovered by the renowned UK record label Promoting Sounds leading up to its launch.

Ryan has experienced life to its fullest, from dizzying heights and the depths of despair. His music is a testament to this journey – he uses carefully chosen words delivered with raw emotion for listeners to connect with his struggles around mental health, toxic relationships, and addiction – all too everyday realities we face today.

Ryan is among the lucky few who have been able to move past their struggles and appreciate life's blessings. His music reflects this attitude of gratitude, resonating with timeless melodies that a single era or genre will never confine.

With his talent for creating captivating and thought-provoking works of musical art, this artist holds listeners entranced with the depth behind each piece. His frankness in confronting our society's need to come together is groundbreaking while inspiring a unique insight into rebelling against self- medication. His powerful messages have caught many off guard as they marvel at how much meaning lies within his odes – earning him well- deserved acclaim from all who hear them.

The arrival of Mitchell on the music scene signifies the dawn of a fresh and exciting era, as one of his more recent groovy, mid-tempo singles, “Jaded” effectively showcases the initial strides. This captivating track boasts an eclectic and innovative fusion of ethereal, pulsating synths that paint a vivid soundscape effortlessly intertwined with invigorating basslines and electrifying, rhythmic drumbeats. A well-crafted and immersive sonic experience, “Jaded” is a testament to Mitchell's immense creative potential and heralds just one of the many remarkable milestones awaiting him on this extraordinary musical odyssey.

It’s worth mentioning that “Jaded’ does not solely rely on the sonic landscape to capture the listener's attention but also incorporates thoughtful, evocative lyrics that showcase Mitchell's capacity for emotional depth and vulnerability. This poignant, introspective lyrical content complements the bold instrumentation, creating a harmonious balance between message and medium that resonates deeply with all who experience the track.

As an accomplished representation of Mitchell's artistry, “Jaded” unveils a glimpse of the prodigious talent and extraordinary vision within this promising musician. With a seemingly boundless capacity for innovation and creativity, this captivating track marks just the beginning of what is destined to be a thrilling and unforgettable musical expedition, leaving listeners clamoring for more, eager to join Mitchell on this transformative journey.


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