It’s hard to remember a time when DJing and travelling hasn’t gone hand-in-hand, or think of a time when it wouldn’t … And then 2020 happened. Suddenly, DJs from all musical quarters got a swift reminder in what it was, that many in our globalized world might’ve started to take as given. Among others, this refocused RAM’s mind on the wonder of it all. To such a degree in fact, that it’s became the inspiration for his second artist album.    

Over a spectrum of references, ranging from the super-subtle to the all-out overt, ‘Wanderlust’ (the follow up to his 2015 debut, ‘Forever Love’) celebrates this aspect of DJ culture to its fullest degree. Each of ‘Wanderlust’s tracks has a unique, travelogue-like connection to countries and cities that RAM feels a particular affinity with. Some of those will jump out on first contact, while others lie more subtly in the context, awaiting the listener or clubber’s moment of realization. Either way, the time to roam musically far and wide through RAM’s new album is fast approaching … ‘Wanderlust’ is out March 17.

Commenting on the upcoming album, RAM says “For me, this was both a personal journey through trance and a way of conveying my gratitude for the, now, almost thirty years of DJ-travelling through some of the world’s most amazing countries.” While the theme to RAM’s second artist album naturally runs start-through-finish over its ten tracks, the way he has chosen to imbue it ranges the spectrum. Some focus specifically on cities, and in the most apparent and titularly-pointed of fashions. ‘Buenos Aires Angels’ and ‘Medellin Madness’, for example need little further in the way of clarification! Others though, like the NYC/US-champing ‘Where I Want To Be’ and the Sydney-celebrating The Power Of Love’ (featuring Sarah de Warren and Susana, respectively) do so more implicitly through their inner lyrics and artwork. ‘Echoes’ with Roxanne Emery, ‘What Matters’ featuring Cari and the Natalie Gioia-sung ‘Forgive Me’ meanwhile have their heart and inspiration firmly rooted in Asia and the far east. Rising from a more southerly direction is the rapacious rip of ‘The Magic Of Mexico’, whose origin story couldn’t be writ larger, while more unstated is (the upcoming single) ‘Turn Back The Time’, which toots the horn for Canada. 

A travel-blogging musical ride out from Holland to the world, RAM slakes his ‘Wanderlust’ on March 17. You can pre-order/save it from today, here[https://blackhole.lnk.to/wanderlust]


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