Porter Robinson and Yamaha team up for “Po-uta” voicebank for VOCALOID6 & share new demo, “Humansongs”


Porter Robinson has always been a huge fan of Vocaloid music, and we can hear a ton of inspiration for that in his Nurture album in the way he modulates his own voice on many of the songs. Today, in collaboration with Yamaha, Porter has officially released his own voicebank based on the effects he used in Nurture called “Po-uta.”

Starting from March 7, the new voicebank is available for purchase (download only) from the official VOCALOID SHOP. The voicebank is also included in the “Plus Voicebank Set” for VOCALOID6, also available for purchase and download from the official shop.

The newly released “Po-uta” voicebank for VOCALOID6 allows users to enjoy creating vocals from Porter Robinson, authentically reproducing the vocals used in his own songs, which are known for their clarity and exquisite high range. This ensures a striking presence that won’t be eclipsed, even by powerful music. Using VOCALOID’s “Style Presets” feature, users can also choose from thirteen singing style presets, approved by Robinson himself, to automatically adjust the vocal style, tone, and more. This makes it possible to recreate the vocals used in hits like “Shelter” or “Musician” with ease.

To show off the capabilities of Po-uta, Porter created a demo song called “Humansongs.” Listen below!


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