Omarion Says ‘Be Smart’ After Catfished Fan Claims They’re Engaged – Billboard


Omarion just wants his fans to be safe online.

A recent guest on Dr. Phil was invited to come on the show after being catfished by a person online pretending to be the singer, requesting money from her and even asking to marry her.

The fan, a woman named Simone, shared that the catfish’s “manager wants me to pay $3,000 to meet him.” Despite never meeting in real life, the person Simone spoke with asked to marry her, leading her to believe Omarion purchased a ring for her hand in marriage. Simone revealed that over the two years that she and Omarion’s impersonator started talking online — they first began having conversations in October 2020 — she spent $300 on a fake fan club membership, while her friend sent around $4,500 to the scammer during the duration of their relationship.



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After the episode aired, Omarion took to his Instagram Stories to share a word of caution to his followers. “Be smart family,” Omarion said in an Instagram update shared shortly after the episode debuted. “So many people have stories saying they spoke with me online. I don’t take advantage of people. I respect and appreciate people who support me.”

In addition to the note, Omarion appeared on the episode to share a message with the Dr. Phil audience.

Coming up for the star is the release of his forthcoming album, Full Circle: Sonic Book One, scheduled to arrive in May.

See Omarion’s Instagram Story before it disappears here, and see a preview of the episode below:


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