Flux Pavilion joins a “new age of dubstep” and releases newest single, ‘Paradise’


When I first started really digging into dubstep around 2010, one of the first songs that I found was “Lines In Wax” by Flux Pavilion. Even before “I Can’t Stop” or his iconic “Gold Dust” remix with Doctor P, I fell in love with the flow from Foreign Beggars, the gritty synths and bass, all of it. Throughout the years, Flux has remained a pillar of the dubstep community, even as he transitioned into different material with his latest album, .wav.

However, we already saw him returning to his Tesla-era sound with his previous single, last year’s “Technicolour Psychic Vision.” Now, we have further confirmation that Flux is definitely returning to dubstep, and it’s because the scene is so strong right now.

“I think we’re entering into a new age of dubstep,” he said in a recent video. “There’s so much rad stuff that people are writing. I don’t think there’s a point in my career that I’ve been more excited about dubstep than I am now.” That’s huge praise from someone who was around  when it was literally still forming. He continues, “Can’t stop thinking about it, it’s kind of all I want to do. Just to give you guys a heads up, that’s where I’m at. If you want to hear some Flux dubstep, that’s exactly what’s happening.”

“Paradise,” his newest single, showcases a blend of Flux Pavilion’s signature sound with a unique mix of melodic bass and upbeat rhythms. The track progresses with a catchy euphoric vocal before switching into a weighty anthem. Fed by the force of letting yourself be present in the moment and to savor experiences, enjoying paradise means taking the time to appreciate the beauty around you and disconnect from the digital world. Put down your phone and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of a special place.

Check it out below!


Photo credit: Fiona Garden


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