DEVAULT Drops New Single & 360 Warehouse Experience, ‘Get to You’


Devault and Griff Clawson have ranked up almost 25 million streams with their previous tracks “Leave Me Low” and “You and Me Now.” They are now full stream ahead with their new release of their new track, “Get To You,” which offers an ethereal experience for all listeners. This song was debuted during Devault’s headline show in LA and is expected to be a popular choice among the crowd. Devault has had a big year producing many new tracks and performing alongside artists such as ZHU, DJ Snake, and San Holo. His most significant headline show to date was held at 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles, featuring special guests Manila Killa, Zhu, Linus Hablot, and Izzy Camina. The event was documented and provides insight into Devault’s world, which is characterized by a dark, grungy, and sexy vibe. This headline show involved a unique and creative idea to have an incorporate 360 experience.

Asked on the latest single, ‘Get to You’ and its creation the artist comment:

“This is my third time doing a song with Griff and it’s always a pleasure working with him. I feel
like this song is a good culmination of the past two records and also steps into new territory.
Listening to all three feels like a nice trilogy.” – Devault

“Just like the first two records Devault and I did together, this song comes from the heart and
encapsulates a unique feeling. To me, this song is a sweet surrender to desire and feels like a
release every time I listen. I couldn’t be happier for this song to be out in the world.”
– Griff Clawson


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