Birthdayy Partyy drop 3 bass-fueled Skrillex flips on “Oops! All Skrillex Remixes” for their birthday


Skrillex this, Skrillex that… what about Birthdayy Partyy? The Chicago duo and twin brothers Bryan and Jon celebrated their birthday yesterday with a flip of three Skrillex tracks — two from Quest For Fire and a bold choice to remix one of his most iconic remixes for “In For The Kill” by La Roux.

These could have very easily been throwaway remixes, done for shits and giggles, but each of them are indeed certified bangers. “Rumble” gets flipped into a raucous drum & bass beat that perfectly captures the essence of the original with a new time signature and way, way, way more drums, plus some really creative synth work.

“Still Here (with the ones that I came with)” was a huge track seeing Skrillex team up with Porter Robinson for the first time. This could have ended so poorly if taken in the wrong direction, but the vocal chops with the classic bass house sound really just makes sense and again presents a fresh take on the beautiful original that is more geared toward the dance floor.

Finally, the “In For The Kill” remix… famously remixed by not only Skrillex but also by Skream. For Birthdayy Partyy to not just remix the original but Skrillex’s own remix is a bold choice, but as seen in the previous two flips, they clearly have an ear for how to take inspiration and put their own spin on something in a creative and successful fashion. For this entry, they take the original, heavy brostep remix and once again turn to drum & bass for the perfect double time, energy-filled banger.

All of the tracks range from between a minute-and-a-half to a little over two minutes, so they’re definitely meant to be live edits but that doesn’t mean they don’t still hit hard. Happy birthday to Birthdayy Partyy, we definitely feel like partying a bit more now.


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