Following releases on Sony, OneSeven, Future House Music and nine previous releases across all the HEXAGON imprints, French DJ and producer Beauchamp, better known as BCMP, is proudly presenting a trio of futuristic tracks with Don Diablo‘s labels. Starting with

‘Industry’ on Generation HEX, the Lille-based creative is pushing his boundaries in a story-driven project across multiple styles.

If you’re a fan of anything EDM, this project is one to look out for. BCMP‘s latest production is a collaboration with one of his frequent musical partners MelyJones. The record is titled

‘Industry’ and it marks the start of an intricate story that leads the listeners past a wide variety of unique sounds. As one of the most promising French producers, BCMP has been trying his hand at many different genres – expanding his technical knowledge whilst continuously working himself to new heights.


The three-part streak sees BCMP draw his listeners close with ‘Industry’, an intricate combination of future house and bass house forthcoming on Generation HEX. Topped off with ambient soundscaping and piano-kissed synths, this collaboration with Swiss talent MelyJones is a breath of fresh air for club music. With heavy basslines and cybernated synths, ‘Industry’ is a complex four-to-the-floor design that is going to undeniably spark an interest in the rest of the project.

Whereas the clubby aspect leaves the story for the following chapter, the second track sees

BCMP team up with Ukrainian HEX-regular Avigate to put forth a mellow and nearly orchestral house record on the HEXAGON imprint. This emotional masterpiece will be called

‘Decisions’ and with its soul-stirring vocals the record is praised by the creators to have deeply touched them throughout the creation of the track. For a fleeting moment, the fans feel disconnected from reality before BCMP ups the ante and brings you right back to planet earth for part three of his project: ‘Robbery’ – to be released on Generation HEX. As the last piece of the puzzle BCMP calls on the aid of the promising French, female DJ and producer Umbree. This closing piece is a powerful and bad-ass festival weapon that is guaranteed to put any sound system to the test!


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