Vandelux Comes to TH3RD BRAIN To Release 6-Track EP Dream State


Earlier this year, Vancouver-born multi-instrumentalist Vandelux shared two singles, indie-pop gem “Matter Of Time” featuring Alex Maher and bouncy banger “Baka,” teasing his upcoming EP Dream State, which is now finally released in full via TH3RD BRAIN. Dream State represents Vandelux’s attempt to translate a series of vivid dreams he was having during the second half of quarantine, resulting in a sonic journey driven by groovy basslines, intense arrangements and fun melodies.

“This is my second EP, most of which was produced during the second half of quarantine. I’ve always been a light sleeper but in the heart of the pandemic I began reaching a deep state of sleep that I had never experienced before. I began having dreams – long, vivid, reality altering dreams… and as life became more mundane, my dreams really came alive. I began looking forward to falling asleep again. Some of these dreams brought me back to my past – past travels, past relationships, high school, or some insignificant embarrassing moment from childhood. Some brought me to an alternate, euphoric reality that made complete sense to me in this dream state but were impossible to make sense of when I woke up. Other dreams were exhausting and terrifying. And then there were times that I’d dream about the day that just occurred, but with 1 or 2 subtle differences. Those are the ones that really mess you up! This EP – Dream State – was my best attempt to translate this altered reality – or at least my recollection of it – into something more tangible,” explains the artist.

Born in Vancouver, Vandelux consistently crafts tasteful electronic music, never failing to impress with his genre-bending releases and unmatched creativity. He started creating some buzz around himself in his native scene with some of his early singles “All Wrong” and “Bright Lights”, and quickly went on to become a household name, landing on “Apple Music Artist of the Week,” charting three times on Hype Machine’s popular charts, and seeing his music featured on various TV shows and movies.


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