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May is almost over and some of our favorite acts like Excision, Marshmello, Steve Aoki and many others have begun to bless us with new music. This week there is a little bit of everything for everyone! Are you looking for new music to aide your summer pool party? Steve Aoki has you covered with his new house anthem ‘Complicated.’ How about darker bouncy workout music? Shöckface’s latest record ‘METANÖIA’ is the perfect bouncy bass workout booster. Sit back, relax or continue doing whatever you are doing and stream Your EDM | Week In Music below.

Release Spotlight

Excision and UBUR team up for a new slapper titled ‘Back To Back’ featuring Armanni Reign. The record is 3 minutes of pure sustained bass. These 2 exceptional producers leave their immaculate sound design on full display on their latest single out now on Subsida Records.

Shöckface released his debut EP ‘WAR WITH MYSELF’ a 3-track exploration into fusing pop, indie, and experimental bass. Without a doubt the sound is within its own lane. With features from Lauren Martinez, Still Haze, and mark veins the EP is a must listen.

Moore Kismet released their latest project ‘Flourish’ a 4-track deep dive into Moore’s signature melodic bass style. With collaborations from Laxcity, Summet, torr, and Chuck Sutton the project is a must listen to for bass and house music fans alike!


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