MUST DIE!’s Sophomore Album, “CRISIS VISION,” Is Finally Here [LISTEN]


It’s been seven years since MUST DIE!’s last, and debut, album, Death & Magic. And like a lot of things in life, good things come to those who wait. His new album CRISIS VISION is out today and, from start to finish, is a journey through intense dubstep-ridden sound design and bone rattling bass.

Five of the album’s twelve tracks have already been released as singles, including the massive collaboration “LOL OK” with Akeos and Skream. In addition, “LIFE SUCK” with the inimitable IMANU who put on an unforgettable show with Buunshin at Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky recently, as well as “DELETE IT ALL” with Ducky and “CHOOSE ONE” with rising artist LINK.

The album, though it doesn’t play like it, feels like a love letter to dubstep over the years and to the future, putting sound design and creative spins on the genre at the forefront. Though there are plenty of tracks that absolutely slap, there aren’t a whole lot that give the “peak set” vibe where you just need that one massive track to really get the crowd going nuts. (Notable exception goes to “SORROW TECH” which, while not traditionally “peak set,” is an proper beast of a tune.)

Going back and listening to Death & Magic in comparison to CRISIS VISION, especially with tracks like “Gem Shards” and “Hellcat,” gives an even richer understanding of how MUST DIE!, and the genre of dubstep as a whole, has progressed in the 7 years since.

CRISIS VISION is out now and available to stream everywhere. Check it out below!


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