Moore Kismet Drops The Latest Single From Their Album, “Flourish” with laxcity [LISTEN]


Bass music prodigy Moore Kismet never ceases to impress with their forward-thinking style, and the project’s latest release is a team up with laxcity boasting a wave of feel-good energy and boundless creativity.

Glitchy and lush sounds rule the production, which is a divine playground of emotion and thoughtful sound design. The largely instrumental track is backed by light vocal chops, layers of synths to fill the atmosphere, and two drastically different drops of unique formations.

Moore Kismet shares of the release:

Josh (laxcity) and I have been close friends for almost 3 years, and one thing I’ve always loved about his music even before we met was his innate ability to create such beautiful tracks that withheld such striking atmospherics and melodies that stuck with you. with “Flourish,” we wanted to collaboratively expand on that and take you to a completely different side of our production styles. we want to show the everlasting growth of our friendship and artistry.

And recently speaking on their forthcoming album:

…every song on this album truly is such a beautiful representation of how much I’ve grown as an artist and as a person.

The single follows up “Autonomy,” “Vendetta for Cupid,” and “Rumor,” all of which are expected on the producer’s highly anticipated debut.

Listen to “Flourish” here and let your ears thank you for its beautiful intention.

Moore Kismet & laxcity – “Flourish”


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