EPIZODE festival returns to Vietnam in December

This year has been a HAVOC – haha wouldn’t you say so ?

Taking a gander at the prospects it shows up no one but December can be the month where the world can party !!

Vietnam is back going all out and the declaration of EPIZODE5 : Epilog has been finished. This years 2020 celebration will be fifth version of the techno sea shore celebration. Epizode plans to return on the sun-soaked shores of Sunset Santao sea shore on Phú Quốc island in Vietnam. Apparently the circumstance will improve in 2020 around December times and for a similar arranging must be begun. We Reveholics propose you plan for Epizode Festival which is 13 days celebration beginning from December 29, 2020 till January 10, 2021.

Last yearJamie Jones, HVOB and Agents of Time played some marvelous tracks and the firecrackers were a-list. A few worldwide teams including the Moscow dance club aggregate Arma17, initiated by the uncandid face of the concert Ricardo Villalobos who has made a standing of ruling incomparability for a boundless gathering at the Frisbee Stage.

The first round of craftsmen for the 2020 version is normal soon.

For the individuals who still can’t seem to wander out to the immaculate shores of Phú Quốc for a techno caper, EPIZODE is without a doubt a celebration for the gluttonous, the submitted, and unquestionably those with endurance. From Yoga to absorbing sun beams, from health meetings to dazzling stage creation , From astounding electronic music to probably the best stage works – Epizode has everything. Epizode celebration fills in as the ideal break to ring in the new years.

The fifth version of Epizode celebration where Music and workmanship will meet up across the white sand shores of the Southern Vietnamese island of Phú Quốc.

Take a gander at the Aftermovie of the celebration :

epizode1 epizode3

An early-bird option for a 12-day multi-pass to EPIZODE5: EPILOGUE will be available from June 11 2020 onwards, priced at 158 Euros here.